Rain’s Worth

The south west winds have entered the Philippines again. Rain has been pouring since last week with only a couple of hours of respite in between. The rain could be half an hour of violent winds and downpour or half a day’s worth of calm yet penetrating drizzle.

It’s the kind of season where your activities are limited and your convenience compromised. It’s the season where you have more time to think because you have less time to enjoy outdoor leisures.

I’ve been spending most of my free time alone in my apartment. The weather has severely limited my plans. As a result, I have been suffering the pains of being left alone with my thoughts. And it’s not nice.

I guess we just need to find a way to keep ourselves company. Ah, what other ways could be there to enjoy a cold weather than a good book and hot chocolate?


After I Finish Reading Between the Lines

Starting today I
would never anymore question why
nor would I falsely assume
why you act contrary to what you told me was true.

To be a victim of your caprice,
as excruciating the pain may be,
is something I take pride in.
Because once upon a time
you entertained the thought of you being mine.
I’ll move on, alright
but only after I’ve finished reading between the lines.